About Chase

I am a pivoting career military public affairs guy with a passion for writing, coaching leaders, researching civ-mil norms, teaching, and the church. Currently wrapping up my military career, this site is a place to share some of my work and engage with those who may have similar interests.

Chase in Australia

Knowing Christ, getting to be a husband to my best friend, and father to the most amazing young people on the planet are the greatest prizes of life that I could ask for. Along the way I have also been fortunate to earn a few awards, including the 2018 Georgetown University Spirit of PR Award, the Kansas City IABC KC Quill for Promotional Writing in 2020, and the Award for Best Paper on the 24th IPRRC Theme for the 2021 International Public Relations Research Conference.

As a communicator, my work has been featured in a few places, including Fox News and CNN. I have published opinions in places like the Washington Post and Baltimore Sun, and have been quoted in regional and national publications including PR Week, the New York Times, Washington Examiner, the New York Post and Australia’s Morning Bulletin. I also know a thing or two about inadvertently going viral. You should ask me about that sometime.

I have a few graduate degrees, and am toward the end of coursework for a Ph.D in Leadership Communication at Kansas State University. Everyone has an addiction. Learning is mine.

Thanks for visiting my site. Feel free to drop me a note if you like.